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Partnering with Biz-A-Mart transformed our online presence. The attention to detail and understanding of our manufacturing needs in the web design process was remarkable. Their team’s dedication to delivering a site that not only met but exceeded our functionality requirements has made a significant difference in our client engagement. Highly recommended for any manufacturer looking to upgrade their digital strategy!
Patricia Ramirez
Director of operation
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Interactive Product Catalogs

Develop highly interactive and dynamic product catalogs and configurators that allow potential clients to view detailed product specifications, customize products according to their requirements, and see their customizations in real-time. This service integrates 3D models and features, and detailed technical specifications to provide an immersive online experience. It aims to bridge the gap between online browsing and the tangible experience of understanding a product’s look, feel, and functionality.


Supply Chain Visibility Platforms

Create bespoke web platforms that offer real-time visibility into the supply chain for both the manufacturing company and its clients. These platforms can track the production status, inventory levels, delivery schedules, and even incorporate supplier performance data. Integrating APIs from logistics and supply chain partners, these platforms ensure that all stakeholders have access to up-to-date information, facilitating better planning and collaboration.


Global Compliance and Certification Management

Offer a specialized service that designs and implements web-based management systems for tracking and reporting on compliance with global standards and certifications relevant to the manufacturing industry. This service would include the development of databases for managing documentation, audit trails, and reporting tools that simplify the complexity of adhering to international regulations and standards such as ISO, CE, FDA, and others.


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